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Here at the 6th Salisbury we have three sections covering the ages 6 - 14 years old. Beavers for the youngest, Cubs and Scouts. Each or our sections enjoys a balanced range of activities, events and experiences, based around subject areas we call Programme Zones.


The zones vary depending on which of our sections the young person is in, but they cover a huge range of activities, from outdoor and physical pursuits to community involvement, creative expression and learning about the wider world.


Together we help Scouts get the most out of their Scouting experience by including elements from as many zones as possible within the activities on offer. And, the older they get, the more input young people themselves have in their own activity selection.


Hiking in the dark. Spending the first night away from home. Activities are an integral part of Scouting. But as well as being challenging physically, our activities help young people set and achieve goals and grow in confidence.

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